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By Bruce R. Schechter, DDS
August 06, 2014
Category: Mouth Care
From tooth decay to a car accident, there are many reasons why you might be dealing with tooth loss. The fact remains that you want to turn your dental loss into a dental gain. That’s the spirit! While there are several options for getting your smile back on track, let your dentist point you to a treatment option that could not only restore your smile but also promise a healthier jawbone and a younger appearance. This treatment might seem too good to be true, but dental implants in Milford have transformed hundreds of smiles, and they do the same for you. Dental Implants

Here are some of the benefits you could experience if you got a permanent tooth replacement in Milford:



You might think of your teeth as individual entities, but in fact they are part of a complete system. The minute you lose a tooth, the system no longer functions the same way. Because of this, changes occur to the:
  • Bite
  • Jaw
  • Facial appearance
Your jawbone will begin to recede, causing wrinkles to increase and the corners of your mouth to droop. You may also notice that your cheeks begin to cave in.
However, dental implants can change all that. Just by inserting the implant into the jawbone and attaching an artificial tooth, your cheeks can appear fuller and healthier. The implant is meant to fuse with the surrounding bones and tissue to become a sturdy foundation and structure for your artificial tooth. Since it’s inserted into the jawbone, this implant preserves your facial structure. This is particularly important for those with severe or considerable tooth loss.

Facial Enhancement 

Tooth loss alone can cause anyone to feel self-conscious. Couple that with these compromising facial changes and going out in public is the last thing you want to do. Even eating can be a challenge, which can lead to nutritional deficiencies and a host of other dietary problems. But if your family dentist in Milford deems you a perfect candidate for a tooth restoration, then you can enjoy going out and socializing again without worrying that you aren’t looking your best.


Tooth implants are a permanent solution for tooth loss. If you’ve been dealing with tooth loss for a while, you want to find something that will fix the problem once and for all. We understand! That’s why dental implants are the perfect option. With good oral hygiene and a healthy immune system, there is no reason why your dental implants won’t last you a lifetime.
Has tooth loss affected your physical appearance? If so, it might be time to consider dental implants. To find out more, or to see if you’re an ideal candidate for treatment, call your Milford family and cosmetic dentist office at (203) 878-1787.
Has dental implants changed your appearance for the better? Are you happy you took the plunge? We want to hear what you have to say about your implants. You might just motivate someone else to get the healthier smile they’ve been wanting.