Benefits of Removable Dentures

By Bruce R. Schechter, D.D.S
November 09, 2018
Category: Mouth Care
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While no one wakes up one-morning thinking, "I'd love to wear dentures someday," tooth loss and the need for tooth replacement is a reality. Are you facing extractions or have existing smile gaps that mar your facial features and oral function? At his state-of-the-art office in Milford, Dr. Bruce Schechter places lifelike dentures.

What are dentures and their benefits?

They're artificial teeth made of tooth- and gum-colored acrylic. Made to replace some or all teeth, dentures are a great treatment for missing teeth.

If you need dentures, you're not alone. The Journal of Prosthetic Dentistry estimates that 37.5 million Americans will wear a denture of some variety by the year 2020.

Dr. Schechter features a number of denture styles and types in his Milford office, crafting each according to what his patient needs and wants. Both partial dentures (held in by metal clasps) and immediate or conventional full dentures (held in place by suction) are fully removable so the patient can clean them and allow his or her gums to rest at night.

By day, dentures provide:

  • Normalized biting, chewing and speech
  • Natural and youthful smile aesthetics
  • Support for facial muscles, avoiding the skin sagging common to extensive tooth loss
  • Ease of care (brush or soak with an ADA-accepted product)
  • Longevity (10 years is a typical lifespan)
  • Ease of relining (when oral tissues and bone change) and repair (if you drop them)

Implant-supported dentures

Depending on your unique case, Dr. Schechter could advise implant dentures. Anchored by as few as two titanium dental implants on the bottom and four on the top, implant dentures may be either fixed or removable. The dentist inserts dental implants right into the jaw. They extend above the gum line, and when the sites heal fully, the implants attach to the custom-made dentures. Dr. Schechter will help you determine if this option is right for you.

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Don't live with the difficulties posed by tooth loss. You can have a wonderful smile again. Explore your removable denture options with Dr. Bruce Schechter and his team in Milford, CT. Contact us today for a friendly and informative consultation: (203) 878-1787.