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By Bruce R. Schechter, DDS
August 03, 2015
Category: Oral Health
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When your children reach the teenage years, candy and poor brushing habits aren't the only reasons they may need family dentistry treatments from Bruce R. Schechter, D.D.S. in Milford, CT. Here are seven dangers to your teen's teeth that you will want to be prepared Smokingfor.

1. Sports Injuries

As children get bigger, their injuries often get bigger as well. Make sure your teen protects his or her teeth while playing sports by wearing the proper protective gear, such as a mouth guard, and by following the appropriate safety precautions.

2. Smoking

Just because your teen isn't yet old enough to smoke legally doesn't mean that he or she has never tried it. Smoking can cause staining, gum disease, tooth loss and even oral cancer. If you haven't yet talked to your teen about the dangers of smoking, today is a great day to change that.

3. Drinking

Drinking is another activity many teens partake in before they are allowed. Not only does this lead to poor decision making, but it can also lead to softened enamel, cavities, gum deterioration and even tooth loss. Clearly alcohol and oral hygiene are not a good combination.

4. Piercings

Teens may think lip and tongue piercings make them look cool, but chances are they won't like their appearance so much after they find themselves receiving family dentistry services from Dr. Schechter in Milford, CT for chipped teeth or an infection. Both are two very real side effects of facial piercings.

5. Eating Disorders

Eating disorders can wreak havoc on a teen's body, and the teeth are no exception. Between anorexia, bulimia and binge eating, teens with eating disorders are at risk for tooth discoloration, weakened teeth and tissues, and even tooth loss if the conditions are left untreated.

6. Braces

Even positive teen behaviors such as getting braces can lead to dental complications if teens aren't careful. While braces can improve a teen's oral health once the treatment is complete, they can also make routine cleanings very difficult, increasing the chances of cavities and discoloration.

7. Wisdom Teeth

Your children don't get all of their grown-up teeth as children; they can still get their wisdom teeth even into their twenties. When this happens, your teen is at risk for cavities and even broken teeth if the new teeth don't come in properly.

Even though your teens aren't children anymore, they still depend on you to help keep them healthy and happy. Protect your teen's oral health by being on the lookout for the seven oral health concerns listed above and by making sure to bring them in for regular family dentistry visits with Dr. Schechter in Milford, CT. This way their teeth will always be strong, beautiful and healthy.