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By Bruce R. Schechter DDS
May 29, 2015
Category: Oral Health
Tags: Sports Care  

Sports DentistryIf you play sports, you may not be considering the impact that your activities could have on your teeth. But dental injuries due to sports are quite common. It’s important to think about ways to protect your teeth whether you’re going up for a jump shot or catching a fly ball, and while Dr. Bruce Schechter is happy to help mend your broken teeth, he wants to help you learn how to avoid such injuries in the first place!

Why Protect Your Teeth?

If your teeth are hit or knocked loose, it could cause permanent oral problems resulting in expensive repairs. If you have a tooth knocked out, you may need visit your dentist to have it replaced with a dental implant or a bridge. Chips or cracks in the tooth can be repaired with bonding or veneers. But untreated injuries could result in decay, or even gum disease that could affect surrounding teeth.

How to Protect Teeth

There are two primary methods of protecting your jaw and teeth from sports injury.

1. Wear a Helmet

Many amateur and professional sports teams require protective gear such as a helmet. But if you’re just playing for fun in the backyard, you may forget this important piece of protection. However, a helmet can help protect your head and mouth from speed and forceful impact. If you’re participating in any sport, such as bike riding, football, or skateboarding, always wear a helmet.

2. Wear a Custom Mouth Guard

In order to prevent injury to your mouth, gums, and teeth, wearing a custom mouth guard is necessary. These mouth guards are made by your dentist to fit your mouth perfectly to feel comfortable during play. You can also buy a less expensive version at many sporting goods stores, but it may not be as comfortable as one your dentist custom fits for your bite. Milford Family Dentistry of Milford, CT will custom fit a mouth guard to meet your needs.

If you play sports, take good care of your teeth. Always wear protection and see your dentist right away if you experience any injury to the mouth or jaw. Schedule an appointment with your dentist today to find out how best to protect your teeth from sports injury.

By Bruce R. Schechter, DDS
May 29, 2015
Category: Oral Health
Tags: Stained Teeth  

If you want to keep that radiant smile, your Milford dentist recommends passing on these teeth-staining beverages.

Summer is on its way and we can already envision days spent on the beach or in the park. From neighbor activities to family picnics it’s a great time to get together with friends and family. Summer is also a time for fun treats, BBQs and cookouts. However, if you want to maintain a white Coffee smile throughout the summer your Milford family dentist Dr. Bruce R. Schechter recommends staying away from these stain-producing drinks.

Iced coffees and teas: Black teas and coffee are both full of stain producing tannins, but tea tends to be the big staining culprit, because it also contains a high amount of chromogen, which a substance that can be converted into dye. If you simply can’t part ways with your tea, opt for a green, white, or herbal kind that will be less aggressive on your teeth than regular black tea.

White wine: Once the summer months hit it can sound refreshing to open a chilling bottle of white wine to enjoy with your backyard cookout, but keep in mind that wine is notorious for staining teeth. While it’s best to avoid wine altogether to protect your radiant smile, if you do consume a glass make sure to rinse your mouth out with water immediately after.

Sport drinks: After a strenuous run outdoors you may feel the need to replenish your body with a sports drink; however, not so fast! Your favorite sports drink might be giving you an energy boost but weakening your tooth’s enamel. In fact, your Milford family dentist Dr. Schechter warns that these drinks could be causing extreme wear and damage to your teeth, which can lead to damage, staining and sensitivity. Opt for water the next time you need to refuel after a workout.

Sodas: A warm day may immediately make you crave a soda, but before you pop open the cap know this, dark sodas can not only wear away at enamel but can brown and yellow stains. While clear sodas might not cause the same staining effects, the acidity from this drink isn’t any safer on your teeth. If you need something sweet turn to 100 percent, no-sugar-added fruit juice.

If your six-month dental cleaning falls sometime during the summer, this is a great time to make sure your smile is in tip-top shape, especially if you’ve been consuming any of these drinks. No matter how good your oral routine is, you still want to visit your Milford family dentist regularly for cleanings and exams. Schedule your next appointment today with Dr. Bruce Schechter at (203) 878-1787.