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By Bruce R. Schechter, D.D.S.
December 01, 2014
Category: Oral Health
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Join our Milford family dental practice, Bruce R. Schechter DDS, in celebrating the Campaign for Healthier Babies. If you have a little one at home than nothing’s more important than making sure they are healthy and happy. However, this also includes protecting their smiles by maintaining healthy teeth and gums. Your Milford family dentist offers up tips on keeping your baby’s teeth clean and sparkling:

Be proactive

Even if your baby’s first teeth haven’t come in yet, there are still things you can do to make sure they develop healthy teeth and gums. For example, always wipe your baby’s gums after feedings with either a damp washcloth or gauze to keep germs and bacteria away.

Baby the baby teeth

Sure, your child won’t have their baby teeth forever; however, it’s still important that you take care of them as soon as they start to come in. Baby teeth are important as they preserve spaces for the permanent teeth to come in. They also help your baby chew and talk. While you’ll most likely not need a toothbrush to clean your baby’s teeth, a toothbrush or thimble-like brush can be useful for removing stickier foods and sugary snacks from your child’s teeth. Begin incorporating a small amount of toothpaste into the brushing regime once your child turns two.

Nix bedtime bottles

This might be hard to do, especially if the bottle seems to be the only way to keep your baby asleep; however, allowing them to drink from a bottle of milk all night can cause cavities. Therefore, opt for a safety blanket or favorite toys instead to soothe and comfort your child during naps and bedtime.

Stay hydrated

The great thing about your child’s foods is that they can often be removed from their teeth with just a drink of water. So get in the habit of giving your child a sippy cup or bottle of water to drink from after each meal. This will ensure that any trapped food becomes dislodged and doesn’t linger on their new teeth.

Children should begin to see Dr. Schechter, their Milford family dentist, around the time their first tooth comes in. While most people wait until the child is two years old, it’s important to make the dentist an earlier part of your child’s routine. If it’s time for your baby’s first dental appointment, call us today. We can’t wait to meet your little one!