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By Bruce R. Schechter, D.D.S
April 29, 2014
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3 Reasons You Should Drink More H2O

Why do you drink water? To stay hydrated? Do you drink it to feel healthier? Water is one of the best things for your body, but sometimes we don’t get enough of it. Our Milford, CT family dentistry office provides you three reasons a glass of H2O will do your oral health some good. Food, Soda & Your Teeth

Reason 1: Drink Water to Wash Away Acid and Sugar

  • Every day you eat, which means every day you expose your teeth and gums to highly processed carbs and sugar that bacteria can break down into acid. Do you know what acid does to your teeth? It breaks down the tooth enamel, allowing dental caries to form.

Reason 2: Water Helps You Create Better Dietary Habits

  • Did you know that soda used to be the most popular drink in the United States? In 2013, there was a change to that lineup. Now water is leading the pack for most popular beverage. 
Why the sudden change of heart? Many Americans are finally understanding how bad soda is for the teeth, body and teeth.

Reason 3: Water Helps Quench Dry Mouth and Rid You of Bad Breath

  • As mentioned earlier, water removes food particles and cavity-causing bacteria in the mouth. If debris isn’t removed, it can cause you to have bad breath. 
For dry-mouth sufferers, sip water often because it will help keep your mouth moist. 
Don’t just drink water to stay fit and hydrated. Drink water to keep your teeth and gums healthy and happy. 
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