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By Bruce R. Schechter, D.D.S
November 09, 2018
Category: Mouth Care
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While no one wakes up one-morning thinking, "I'd love to wear dentures someday," tooth loss and the need for tooth replacement is a reality. Are you facing extractions or have existing smile gaps that mar your facial features and oral function? At his state-of-the-art office in Milford, Dr. Bruce Schechter places lifelike dentures.

What are dentures and their benefits?

They're artificial teeth made of tooth- and gum-colored acrylic. Made to replace some or all teeth, dentures are a great treatment for missing teeth.

If you need dentures, you're not alone. The Journal of Prosthetic Dentistry estimates that 37.5 million Americans will wear a denture of some variety by the year 2020.

Dr. Schechter features a number of denture styles and types in his Milford office, crafting each according to what his patient needs and wants. Both partial dentures (held in by metal clasps) and immediate or conventional full dentures (held in place by suction) are fully removable so the patient can clean them and allow his or her gums to rest at night.

By day, dentures provide:

  • Normalized biting, chewing and speech
  • Natural and youthful smile aesthetics
  • Support for facial muscles, avoiding the skin sagging common to extensive tooth loss
  • Ease of care (brush or soak with an ADA-accepted product)
  • Longevity (10 years is a typical lifespan)
  • Ease of relining (when oral tissues and bone change) and repair (if you drop them)

Implant-supported dentures

Depending on your unique case, Dr. Schechter could advise implant dentures. Anchored by as few as two titanium dental implants on the bottom and four on the top, implant dentures may be either fixed or removable. The dentist inserts dental implants right into the jaw. They extend above the gum line, and when the sites heal fully, the implants attach to the custom-made dentures. Dr. Schechter will help you determine if this option is right for you.

Find out more

Don't live with the difficulties posed by tooth loss. You can have a wonderful smile again. Explore your removable denture options with Dr. Bruce Schechter and his team in Milford, CT. Contact us today for a friendly and informative consultation: (203) 878-1787.

By Bruce R. Schechter, DDS
August 06, 2014
Category: Mouth Care
From tooth decay to a car accident, there are many reasons why you might be dealing with tooth loss. The fact remains that you want to turn your dental loss into a dental gain. That’s the spirit! While there are several options for getting your smile back on track, let your dentist point you to a treatment option that could not only restore your smile but also promise a healthier jawbone and a younger appearance. This treatment might seem too good to be true, but dental implants in Milford have transformed hundreds of smiles, and they do the same for you. Dental Implants

Here are some of the benefits you could experience if you got a permanent tooth replacement in Milford:



You might think of your teeth as individual entities, but in fact they are part of a complete system. The minute you lose a tooth, the system no longer functions the same way. Because of this, changes occur to the:
  • Bite
  • Jaw
  • Facial appearance
Your jawbone will begin to recede, causing wrinkles to increase and the corners of your mouth to droop. You may also notice that your cheeks begin to cave in.
However, dental implants can change all that. Just by inserting the implant into the jawbone and attaching an artificial tooth, your cheeks can appear fuller and healthier. The implant is meant to fuse with the surrounding bones and tissue to become a sturdy foundation and structure for your artificial tooth. Since it’s inserted into the jawbone, this implant preserves your facial structure. This is particularly important for those with severe or considerable tooth loss.

Facial Enhancement 

Tooth loss alone can cause anyone to feel self-conscious. Couple that with these compromising facial changes and going out in public is the last thing you want to do. Even eating can be a challenge, which can lead to nutritional deficiencies and a host of other dietary problems. But if your family dentist in Milford deems you a perfect candidate for a tooth restoration, then you can enjoy going out and socializing again without worrying that you aren’t looking your best.


Tooth implants are a permanent solution for tooth loss. If you’ve been dealing with tooth loss for a while, you want to find something that will fix the problem once and for all. We understand! That’s why dental implants are the perfect option. With good oral hygiene and a healthy immune system, there is no reason why your dental implants won’t last you a lifetime.
Has tooth loss affected your physical appearance? If so, it might be time to consider dental implants. To find out more, or to see if you’re an ideal candidate for treatment, call your Milford family and cosmetic dentist office at (203) 878-1787.
Has dental implants changed your appearance for the better? Are you happy you took the plunge? We want to hear what you have to say about your implants. You might just motivate someone else to get the healthier smile they’ve been wanting.
By Bruce R. Schechter, D.D.S
February 25, 2014
Category: Mouth Care
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Chew On This: Fun Celebrity Dental Facts

From starlets to Hollywood’s leading men, there is one thing we all can agree on—Tinsel Town’s elite flash some great smiles for the cameras. Your Milford family dentistry has some celebrity dental finds that are quite enjoyable. Read below to find some fun dental facts! dentistry

Fact #1: Almost Dentist Turned Modern Family’s Breakout Star

Modern Family star, Sofia Vergara, almost became a full-fledged dentist while she was living in Columbia. The actress only needed two more semesters before she could receive her degree, but a TV opportunity pulled her from the dental chair into the spotlight, as a TV host. Now, we can see why her smile is dazzling—she knows the best practices of oral health. 

Fact #2: Powerhouse Singers Sport Dental “Grillz”

Beyoncé, Lady Gaga, Rihanna—and even Miley Cyrus—are flashing some serious bling. The dental “grillz” trend is back in Hollywood, once again. In the past, Nelly was seen with bedazzled grills on his teeth, but then the trend faded away, only to be put back in the spotlight. Although your teeth will be “flashy,” the “grillz” can potentially irritate the gums and damage enamel of the opposing teeth. We don’t recommend it.

Fact #3: Tyra Banks Boasts 275 Smiles

Do you know how many smiles you can flash? Most people don’t practice smiling or prepare more than two grins. However, Ms. Banks once stated that she had 275 smiles. I guess it makes sense considering she “banked” her career on her model-good looks and smile.
Want more celebrity dental facts? Let us know in the comments! If you have another dental concern, please call Dr. Bruce Schechter at (203) 878-1787.Can you imagine Sofia Vergara filling a cavity or telling you to brush more?
By Bruce R. Schechter, D.D.S.
January 08, 2014
Category: Mouth Care
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Build Better Oral Hygiene Habits This Year!

You probably have witnessed or experienced how easy it is to develop bad habits, so it’s easy to understand how hard it is to create better habits, such as exercising and maintaining a healthy diet. Since it is a new year, it seemed like the perfect time to offer some tips help you develop better habits, including oral hygiene habits. In Milford, CT, family dentistry is Dr. Bruce Schechter’s top priority, which is why Dr. Schechter loves offering oral hygiene tips to boost your preventative measures and help combat tooth decay.Oral Hygiene Habits

Create a routine around your oral hygiene

It’s easier to accomplish something when you set your mind and time to it. You should try brushing and flossing your teeth at the same time every day. After eating, it’s better to wait thirty minutes before brush your teeth. If you consume food and beverages that are highly acidic (or can metabolize acid), the acid can attack your tooth’s enamel and weaken it. Your toothbrush could push the acid further into your tooth’s enamel and dentin, causing more damage. Thus, try to make brushing and flossing the last thing you do before you walk out of the door. You will feel refreshed and ready to start your day!

Set healthy goals

Don’t think of your oral hygiene routine as a chore—think of it as a good routine and a part of your daily habits. Once you turn it into a habit, you are more motivated to keep your oral health in check. At-home preventative care is your responsibility, and you can expect good results as long as you continue to create better habits for a healthier body and teeth.
What are some of your oral hygiene habits that help keep your smile in top condition all year round? 
By Bruce R. Schechter, D.D.S.
November 19, 2013
Category: Mouth Care
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Healthy SmileYour mouth is the gateway to your body. An unhealthy mouth may increase your risk for serious health problems, including heart attack, diabetes and preterm labor. Research shows that more than 90 percent of all systematic diseases have oral manifestations, including swollen gums, mouth ulcers or excessive gum problems. Here's a look at some of the diseases and conditions that may be connected to oral health.

  • Diabetes - Due to elevated blood sugars, diabetes increases your risk of gum disease, cavities, tooth loss, dry mouth, and a variety of oral infections. Conversely, because diabetes can reduce the body's resistance to infection, it can be difficult to control.
  • Heart Disease - According to research, poor oral health can increase the risk for developing heart disease as studies have shown a link between the bacteria found in both diseases.
  • Premature Birth - Studies have found that expectant mothers with periodontal disease are up to seven times more likely to deliver premature, low-birth-weight babies.
  • Your mouth can reveal other clues about your state of health as well including respiratory conditions, oral cancer and osteoporosis.

To keep your mouth and body healthy:

  • Provide our Milford office with a complete health history -- illnesses and medication use -- even if they seem unrelated to your oral health.
  • Brush and floss regularly to help remove bacteria from the mouth that could potentially travel through your body.
  • Eat a well-balanced diet to keep your immune system strong.
  • If you smoke, talk to your dentist about options for quitting.
  • Visit Bruce R. Schechter, D.D.S. for routine checkups and professional cleanings to prevent problems and detect potential issues in their early stages.

The signs and symptoms of many potentially life-threatening diseases appear in the mouth first. Since most people have regular oral examinations, the dentist is often the first to identify a health problem in its early stages. Dental professionals are trained to look for many systemic diseases simply through your regular oral exam.

Make it a priority to practice good oral hygiene every day. You're making an investment in your total body health, not just for now, but for the future, too.